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Italian Pasticceria Melbourne – Brunetti is Moving!!

Exclusive Sneak Peek to the New Brunetti Melbourne, 

Down under Australia!! 

Coming soon – 3rd April 2013!!! 

However, before we all get all excited, I was really privilege to have this opportunity to have a glimpse at the New Brunetti situated at 380 Lygon Street, Carlton where Nova Cinema is and/or the previously owned Borders Bookstore. 
On this night 18 March 2013, Monday, it was an Appreciation Night, thanking close friends and family that have helped Brunetti with this massive transformation. The night was filled with food, laughters, smiles, more food, wine and not forgetting what Brunetti is famous for their cakes and desserts!!!! It was a night where I also witness live “Pavarotti” Italian singing!!! The spirit and excitement can not be describe with words so I shall allow the pictures to speak for itself!!! I anticipate anxiously with fires in my heart for you to enjoy the New Brunetti!!!! 

Brunetti on Urbanspoon

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