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Melbourne Japanese Cuisine: Gekkazan GPO

Shop 28g Postal Lane
350 Bourke Street Melbourne 
For Reservation: 03 9663 7767 
Operating Hours: 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 
Thursday Friday 
Formerly known as Kenzan was the only Japanese Restaurant that J and myself would buy sushi rolls from. Now known as Gekkazan located at the very heart of CBD area, hidden in Postal Lane in the old Post Office Building!! Offers a huge variety of hand rolls and onigiri and was great to return after almost two years to grab our usual favourite for takeaway!!! 

Onigiri: Mentaiko AUD$3.20 

Onigiri: Tempura Prawn AUD$3.20 

Spider Roll with Seasoning AUD$4.90 

To be honest, the quality of it has not been consistent as I would say three or four years ago. When I was first being introduce to this J & myself love it so much that we had it most of the time. It is on the expensive side but it was so good that we did not try other sushi place. However, things starts to change and just the quality of rice that they use has somehow was different.  It does not taste how we had it before. Hence we stop going back. 


It makes me sad for the quality has altered but I still love the bento boxes, I would return for À la carte meal and try if the quality has changed. 
However, after a long return back to these cute cuisines it brings back lots of funny, happy memories. The good old days that we use to love it so much that we bough friends and family to enjoy it!! It was a food that comforts me after hard days work that bough warmed to my heart and fill me up!!! So, it is still a good sushi place!!! 

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3 Responses to Melbourne Japanese Cuisine: Gekkazan GPO

  1. woo kim says:

    Thanks for visiting us

    we will try to find out what made rice altered and make better
    Justin from Gekkazan

    • Lynnette Yeo says:

      Hi Justin!! Awe! Really surprise to get response from someone inside Gekkazan! Very honored! & thank you so much for taking this in such positive attitude!! I will be look’ forward then!!! Cheers!! がんばって!

  2. Lynnette Yeo says:

    Hi Wabisabi!! You are welcome!!! 😉 if you like Japanese food, I highly recommend Komeyui located at Port Melbourne!! They have Free Sake Night every Wednesday!! Check it out on UrbanSpoon or on my blog or the website, beside this I also highly recommend Nobu at Crown Casino, the Miso Cod fish is so good!!! Sushi and Sashimi from Nobu are awesome too!!! As for Gekkazan, the lunch menu are so good!! The Unagi Lunch Menu is one that J & myself love to go for, no regrets and will always go back for!!! ^_^ Hope these info helps!! Bon Appetite!!

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