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Melbourne Coffee: Market Lane Coffee

Victoria Market 

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109 – 111 Therry Street Melbourne 3000 Victoria 
Operating Hours: 
Tuesday      7am – 3pm 
Wednesday 7am – 2pm 
Thursday     7am – 3pm 
Friday         7am – 4pm 
Saturday     7am – 4pm 
Sunday       8am – 3.30pm 
Close on Monday
I first saw this name at Faraday Street where they had this very new concept of pop-up window only selling coffee. As I was strolling along QVM (Queen Victoria Market) I was really surprise to see this shop again except much bigger in size!! 

At first glance, the shop does not have the fancy tables and chairs but bench along the window which makes it such a home feel!!! 

Variety of Coffee Beans & Products 

I did not check these products out in details but they sell own roasted and own blended coffee beans that customers can enjoy the same coffee at home. There is also coffee filter kit and many other things. Which I am eager to check it out on my next trip back!!! 

Not forgetting they do filtered coffee too!!! 

My Cup of Latte, AUD$4.00!! 

This cup of latte is a blend of its current season espresso. 
– blend of two Bolivian Coffees + one Rwandan 
– grown by collectives of smallholder farmers 
– great on its own 
The combination of:- 
Bolinda – bright juicy notes of orange and sugarcane
Villaroel – balances the blend having clean notes of toffee and caramel 
Musasa – rounds it out with a lovely apricot jamminess 
Together it becomes a sweet, smooth, full of body, very easy to drink coffee. The aroma of it is just so good!!!  
The milk that it is use is from Schulz Dairy Farm in Timboon, organically source and unhomogenised. 
Personally, I took my first few sip without sugar and it was great!!! However, I was very curious of the Dulce Sugar and when I added some the taste of it is even better!!! 
I love it that they provide information about The Seasonal Espresso in a postcard form. This way I get to learn and appreciate more about what was in my cup of coffee which I need everyday!!! 

Take Away, AUD$4.00 

The coffee was so good that I decided to get one to take away for a friend!!! So, as I leave the premises, there is a bowl of sugar and cup lead, similar to a Starbucks style!! 

I can not believe that I have been missing out on such good coffee!!! The main store is at Prahran Market and it is great that they have one here in CBD area!!! This is definitely a place that I highly recommend!!! and there will be more trips down too!!!

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