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Melbourne Mexican Tapas: Mamasita

Quick Dinner for One


03 9650 3821

Level 1, 11 Collins Street Melbourne 3000 Vic

I have always wanted to write a blog on this wonderful, tasty food place located at the heart of CBD Melbourne, Australia.

With a very spontaneous decision, my tram (109) was passing through the tram station right in front of it and while it was just 5.30pm, I decided to quickly go for a quick bite of dinner by myself to enjoy the real busy Mamasita!

De Fruta – agua fresca



This is a Mexican Refreshing Watermelon flavoured fruit drink

Elotes Callejeros



This is the most famous Corn that my girl friends and myself LOVE most!!! We have always wanted to recreate this, not till I was writing this blog that I realise there is an original Recipe of this dish!!! OMG!! I want to slap myself!!! But I am so super excited that I found the recipe!! Gonna surprise my girls with it!!!! AWESOME!!!


Taco – Pescado



This is a Mexican street food with soft Taco shell and beautiful flavoured and cooked white fish!!!

This is my absolute go to dish in Mamasita at my every visit!!


Condiments: Cucumber Salsa


This is an absolute MUST have while I enjoy the hot and spicy Mexican HOT SAUCE!



These two compliment each other perfectly!!! The cucumber salsa brings down the heat!! and If I did not try these two Mexican Hot Sauce while having my Tacos, I am missing out~!!!!

Overall, the service is good and there is no booking at this place unless you are a group of 8people (I think). All walk-ins and beware of the long queue which sometimes can be a half hour to 45 minutes wait.

I would suggest to turn up early as you can if you want to enjoy the beautiful dishes here!!!

This is a place that I would absolutely go back over and over again whether it be dinning alone or with a group of friends!!

Highly recommended place!!!




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