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Mamak in Melbourne

Vblog for Melbourne Eatery

Series: Malaysia Food


366 Lonsdale Street CBD Melbourne 3000 Victoria

03 9670 3137


Hi everyone!! Today with this trip down to Mamak, an award winning Best Restaurant for The Age Good Food Under $30, 2013 right in the heart of Melbourne CBD Centre. I am venturing out a little with an additional Vblog to my Food Blog.

Thanks to Miss Rose, giving me the courage to help me film this episode. Despite the poor quality of it and the nerves, I do hope you guys would enjoy this really short Vblog from Mamak. Do leave down the comments down below on what you would like to know more about while I do another Vblog on Melbourne Eatery!!



Freshly Made-to-Order Roti’s are single handily craft by Mamak’s Roti Master Maker!



Hot, Fluffy and Crusty Roti Canai $5.50 with Lentil Curry (left) and Fish Curry (right) with a little Chilli Sambal!


1/2 Dozen of Chicken Satay $9.00 serve with raw red onion, cucumber and Satay Sauce


Nasi Lemak $9.00 + Fish Curry $3.00 served with the standard 1/2 boiled egg, ikan bills, sambal, fried peanut, cucumber and coconut rice


Teh Halia $4.00 is Teh Tarik with Ginger Flavour!

I have to admit that I love its Roti Canai but it is way overprice for its portion!! However, despite how ridiculously expensive it is compare to (RM) this place is always fully packed with people and I find that at the end of the day, I would find myself “shouting” to my friends to actually have a normal conversation.

Hail from Sydney and now in Melbourne, with negative side of it comes the positive side where food is delicious and authentic to taste!  Personally, I think the location is the best part of it, convenient; quick service and nice authentic Malaysia Roti – Mamak Style, a nice indulgences to those who miss Malaysian food dearly at heart!!!


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