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Huff Bagelry

112 Koornang Road Carnegie

03 9568 3866

Operating Hours:

7 days a week (Mon – Sun)

6am – 4.30pm



A Quick Sharing!

Credit to Miss Cindy, my Yoga Instructor (do check out her Yoga Classes), she brought me to this awesome Bagel cafe in Carnegie!!

I have had bagel before, and when she told me she will bring me to have nice bagel, I was a little scare cause I had really bad bagels from past experiences but I can tell you this has changed my mind of it!!! It is so good that with just two casual pictures I want to share it!!




Excuse for the poor picture quality!!

Choice of Bagel: Onion & Poppy Seed with I think Ham, Tomatoes, Lettuces and Beetroots!! and Toasted!!!

It was SO GOOD!!! So tasty!!!

I also got a Soy Latte, but it was not as good as I like it. Not sure which brand of soy milk they use but I would not order it again.

This would absolutely be a place I would return too!! I can not wait to have my next bite of it already!!!

Highly Recommend!!!! A MUST TRY!!

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