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Jimmy Grants or Immigrant!!??

Oops!! It is not Immigrant but Jimmy Grants!!

113 Saint Davids Streets Fitzroy Melbourne
Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday 11AM – 10PM
No Bookings, (take a seat and/or takeaways!)







 Here Comes the Food!!



Grain Salad AUD$8.00

(pluses, nuts, grains, herbs and greek yogurt)

This is my absolute favourite!! It has red wine vinegar with whole other awesome goodness that gives a slight sweet taste, great texture and full of healthy benefits!!


Souvas (from top)

– The Bonegilla AUD$8.50 (combo chicken & lamb. mustard aioli, chips, onions, parsley)

– Nonna Maria AUD$7.50 (chicken, mustard aioli, chips, onions, parsley)

– The Patris AUD$9.50 (prawns, attiki honey, mayo, cucumber, mint, coriander)




the Patris AUD$9.50

A great tip from the guy at Jimmy Grants is to have it with lettuces to add more crunch to your Souvas and I did!!

It taste good and it is fulling, not to mention good value for money.

However, one thing that I must say is my prawns and lettuces keeps falling out, so do HOLD TIGHT to your PATRIS!!!


 Nona Maria AUD$7.50

Something Sweet!!


 Greek Doughnuts, walnuts +honey AUD$6.00


 It is sad for me to say this but I did not like this at all. I have not tried Greek doughnuts before and this is my first attempt and it was not how I like my doughnuts. It tasted doughy and there was no flavour to it just really sweet from the honey and a little hard.



Nevertheless, I absolutely love the Grain Salad!! The service was super friendly and helpful and I love that they offer a wide range of vegetarian options and dietary requirements request!!

Recommended by Peach Water (do check her website) that the Chips with garlic oil, feta and oregano AUD$6.00 is absolutely must try!! So, I anticipate my next visit to try it and balance out my meal with a healthy Grain Salad!!! Highly Recommend place!!!

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